In just about ten hours, our trip to Korea will be over.

It’s been a hell of a ride, and I’m certainly glad to have had the opportunity to be here, but I am really looking forward to landing in Seattle four hours from now and being able to power up my phone and feel like I have some of my self-determination back.

Yes, that’s right, four hours from now I’ll be in Seattle after getting on the planet in ten. The international dateline is one hell of a thing, and with time zones as they are we will be landing in Reno two hours before we leave Incheon. I think I understand quite clearly how people can find themselves jet lagged, but we’ll see just how badly that hits James and I.  On the way here, it wasn’t that big of an issue.  Coming back… it just might be.

I still have plenty of posts to make, and plenty more pictures and even some video that I want to share.  I’ll just be doing it from the comfort of home, unless I manage to get one more good writeup managed before I hit the sky.

The tool I’ve had much use out of – my iPad – is going to find a new home while I’m here, as it isn’t available in Korea yet.  Someone at home base would like to buy it, so I’m selling it at cost so I can pick up a new one when I get home.  I think I’ll go for one with a slightly larger capacity, for an extra hundred bucks.  That’s going to make the flight a little more boring, but I’m hoping to be able to try and nap while onboard the plane this time.  Fortunately, James and I have decided on a method for trying to squeeze a third, free seat out of Asiana Airlines that looks like it’s working out well.  The “Three Seat Straddle”, where we book our seats as both aisles in the 3 seat row at the center of the plane, expecting that the last seat anyone will possibly want on the flight is that one in the very middle.  According to the online seat reservations tool, the straddle appears to be working so far with plenty of seats available throughout the plane.  If this works, the flight home, while being three hours shorter, will be about ten times more pleasant.